16/6/17: India Part 3: Jaipur to the End

  Well, it has been a long time, hasn't it? My last post was almost a month ago, and here I am, sitting at home in England typing away again. My surroundings could not be more different than they were. It's cold here, of course, and greener than I could have possibly remembered. But I'm … Continue reading 16/6/17: India Part 3: Jaipur to the End


14/3/17: Day Three

Another day, another great meal. This should probably just become a food blog, to be honest. On the advice of Keshab, I went to a vegan/vegetarian place for lunch called OR2K, which is well known as a real hotspot for backpackers in Thamel. The decoration is brilliant - yellow walls with clouds painted on, medieval-style … Continue reading 14/3/17: Day Three