Teaching in Nepal

Volunteering is a very large industry in Nepal. Whilst staying in backpacker hostels, you will easily lose count of the numbers of fellow travellers who either have been or will be engaged in some kind of voluntary work. And of the various types of volunteering (or 'voluntourism') on offer, one of the most common by … Continue reading Teaching in Nepal


24/4/17: Besisahar

After a crawling, seven hour public bus ride through the Himalayas from Besisahar, I'm back in Kathmandu again. Nothing seems to have changed in the last six weeks. There's the same dust, the same noise, the same bustle. But this post isn't about Kathmandu - I think I've covered this city well enough already. I'll … Continue reading 24/4/17: Besisahar

11/4/17: Looking back on the monastery 

It's been a while since my last post, and previous week feels like a whole world away. I've been staying in a backpacker hostel called Kiwi Backpackers near Lakeside in Pokhara. It's great here - full of other travellers passing through, organising things to see and do, going out in the evenings. But it feels … Continue reading 11/4/17: Looking back on the monastery 

6/4/17: Thunder and Hiking

I'm writing this in the dark. There's been another thunderstorm this evening, and the power went out all over the monastery at around 6 pm. We ate ineithout any lights, using random phone torches to see our food, as the lightning flashed outside the windows.  These thunderstorms have been becoming increasingly common over the last … Continue reading 6/4/17: Thunder and Hiking

14/3/17: Day Three

Another day, another great meal. This should probably just become a food blog, to be honest. On the advice of Keshab, I went to a vegan/vegetarian place for lunch called OR2K, which is well known as a real hotspot for backpackers in Thamel. The decoration is brilliant - yellow walls with clouds painted on, medieval-style … Continue reading 14/3/17: Day Three