30/4/17: Kathmandu and Bhaktapur 

After seven weeks, I'm finally I'll. Delhi-belly has landed (or whatever the Nepali equivalent is) and I feel rough. I hope it's Delhi-belly anyway. I've still got two full days in Kathmandu before I fly for it to pass - and if not, I've got enough immodium to plug up a brown bear for the … Continue reading 30/4/17: Kathmandu and Bhaktapur 


24/4/17: Besisahar

After a crawling, seven hour public bus ride through the Himalayas from Besisahar, I'm back in Kathmandu again. Nothing seems to have changed in the last six weeks. There's the same dust, the same noise, the same bustle. But this post isn't about Kathmandu - I think I've covered this city well enough already. I'll … Continue reading 24/4/17: Besisahar

14/3/17: Day Three

Another day, another great meal. This should probably just become a food blog, to be honest. On the advice of Keshab, I went to a vegan/vegetarian place for lunch called OR2K, which is well known as a real hotspot for backpackers in Thamel. The decoration is brilliant - yellow walls with clouds painted on, medieval-style … Continue reading 14/3/17: Day Three