6/4/17: Thunder and Hiking

I’m writing this in the dark. There’s been another thunderstorm this evening, and the power went out all over the monastery at around 6 pm. We ate ineithout any lights, using random phone torches to see our food, as the lightning flashed outside the windows. 
These thunderstorms have been becoming increasingly common over the last few days. Usually, the mornings are clear and bright, with very few clouds. But then in the afternoon, the rain starts almost as if it has a schedule. We don’t teach classes when it rains, because the drumming on the tin-roofed classrooms makes it impossible to talk to one another. Without teaching (we’ve only taught three days out of the last possible five) we’ve been finding how little there is to do here, apart from read, play cards or go down to play the PS4s with the monks at the wifi cafe. Still, I’m only staying here for three more days. 

Last weekend, we decided to take a two-day hike up near the Annapurna region. We arrived in Phedi via the public bus (after jumping around several minibuses to get to the bus park) and immediately had to start climbing some never ending steps to Dhampus. In total, we climbed nearly eight-hundred metres on Saturday. We stayed the night in Pothana, which was the furthest we could go north without paying a two-thousand rupee fee (we didn’t pay it because we’re cheap). There was a storm that night. Again. 
But when we woke up the next day, entirety of the valley was utterly clear – we could see the whole mountain range stretched out before us. After breakfast, we walked back down to Kande via the Australian camp (which we were glad we didn’t stay in – too busy) and took the bus back to Pokhara. It turned out that day was parade-day, and all the city-steers were full of people, so we walked. We’d gotten used to walking.

That afternoon, someone decided that today was the day to try and kill us with hailstones. I’m not joking. They were the size of conkers. For some reason, we chose to stay inside the rest of the day. 

My time in the monastery is nearly over now. I’m just tying to soak up as much of it as possible before I go. I should be writing a couple of posts more specifically looking back at my time here, because this one is already too long. 


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